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See what people are saying about Colon Hydrotherapy in Tampa Florida

Colonics with Margaret helps my colon issues more than anything else I've tried - in my whole life.
Christina A

Margaret has been my therapist for as long as I can remember and I have referred my own clients to her. She has a warm, nurturing style and will take her cue from the client and converse or be very quiet during the session. The atmosphere in her studio is soothing and peaceful. I can't say enough good about her work!
Sheri L

Margaret is everything you would want in a superior therapist … kind, gentle, empathetic, attentive to detail, and exceptionally skilled. In addition to creating a peaceful ambiance, she shares a nurturing energy that makes her clients feel pampered and well cared for.
Harold A
President - Clarity Consulting

Within the last three weeks, I have experienced three colon hydrotherapy sessions with Margaret. I find the results to be truly amazing. Margaret provides the environment, expertise and communication to allow anyone to benefit. Healing comes from within each individual and I highly recommend Margaret to anyone who would like to experience release and healing on their journey this lifetime.
Jan C
Licensed Massage Therapist

If Margaret didn't do colonics, I wouldn't do colonics.
Lynn H
Rehab Consultant

Margaret creates a magical space for healing. From the moment you walk through the door, you feel safe and nurtured ... transported to a place of total peace and relaxation ... truly an oasis from the busy-ness of everyday life.
Sharry S

Margaret is a deeply loving person who shares her rare gift through skilled touch.
Harold B
Author & Founder - The Love Foundation